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UPRS Group is a licensed and registered Asset Recovery firm headquartered in New York. We service 22 states and work closely with all Government agencies and courts in those states. Through our extensive research, we have determined that you may be the rightful owner of the funds we have uncovered. We have successfully helped thousands of individuals and companies throughout the world collect money that they previously never knew existed. We understand the bureaucratic nightmare trying to extract these funds from the government agencies that may be holding them. Through years of investigative experience, we have assisted in returning over $70 million dollars back to our clients.

Estates may become more difficult when the decedent did not possess a will, or there are multiple heirs to an estate. We work closely with the Probate courts to reopen the estate for the sole purpose of administrating these after discovered assets and guide you through the entire process.

Businesses that are dissolved or are sold or merged may create potential chain of ownership issues. Businesses may be unaware of assets left over by previous companies. Through mergers and acqusitions, these assets may belong to the current successor company. We work closely to produce the correct documents that each Government agency and Secretary of State requires to return the assets that are rightfully and legally yours.

We do not take any money up front. If we are not successful in recovering your money, you do not owe us anything. We work with you throughout the whole process and update you if more documents are needed.

Our ultimate success is when you receive the funds that we enabled you to recover!

Let us have the opportunity to work with you; You have nothing to lose but only to gain!!

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Joel and Martin,

I have dealt with many firms like yours but UPRS Group is by far the most professional Heir finder group in the industry.

Alex Kauffman-Former Deputy Treasurer, Nebraska



The check arrived today and God bless you for changing my life. You were so patient and helpful every time we spoke. You never showed any annoyance with all my questions. Today happens to be mom’s 100th birthday so this is a like a gift from her that I can share with the family.
— Sister Eileen K- NY