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About UPRS Group, LLC
UPRS Group, LLC is the leader in asset recovery. Our legal teams, researchers and asset recovery experts specialize in discovering dormant assets, researching the location of the assets’ owner and uniting the two.

Third party institutions, such as banks, employers, corporations and insurance companies, are required to disclose dormant assets after a certain period of time, depending on the asset. These assets are a result of forgotten checking account balances, uncashed payroll checks, funds left in real estate escrow accounts, dividends, unreturned deposits or group policy benefits, to name just a few.

UPRS Group’s teams of specialists work tirelessly to research the location of the rightful owners of this vast pool of assets. Once located, UPRS Group quickly and efficiently assists them in collecting what is rightfully and legally their property.

We have successfully recovered over $70 million for thousands of clients around the world. Become part of our success stories.

Joel and Martin,

I have dealt with many firms like yours but UPRS Group is by far the most professional Heir finder group in the industry.

Alex Kauffman-Former Deputy Treasurer, Nebraska



How did you ever find me in France??? My name changed a few times since my divorce and I thought I was untraceable……Anyway, I am glad your company is an expert in Heir finding and I will be definitely enjoying my grandfather’s inheritance. Look me up if you ever come across the Atlantic………
— Guy L. -France