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Our Team:

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Joel Rothman – Partner/CFO

Martin Rothman- Partner/CEO

Daniella Kaye- VP Research/Compliance

Billie Alderman – Processing Manager/State coordinator

Sarah Tanzer- Sales Support

Doug Tanzer – Account Executive/ Sales Manager

John Laing – Account Executive

Mark laing – Account Executive

Dan Laing- Account Executive

Andrew Sand- Direct mail Manager

Benji Abramowitz- Direct mail Division

Menachem Hauser- Research Manager

Judy Metz- Processing Department

Paulina Cabello- Court Department

Joel and Martin,

I have dealt with many firms like yours but UPRS Group is by far the most professional Heir finder group in the industry.

Alex Kauffman-Former Deputy Treasurer, Nebraska



How did you ever find me in France??? My name changed a few times since my divorce and I thought I was untraceable……Anyway, I am glad your company is an expert in Heir finding and I will be definitely enjoying my grandfather’s inheritance. Look me up if you ever come across the Atlantic………
— Guy L. -France