Martin & Joel Rothman

Clients Served

Funds Recovered
$300+ Million

From Dormancy to Discovery

In the early 2000’s, Joel and Martin Rothman began their foray into the asset recovery field focused on returning mortgage surpluses owed to previous homeowners.

They labored in their 5th Avenue, New York City office to locate these former owners and to help them navigate the often-arduous legal processes involved to extract what was usually an unexpected and greatly needed windfall. It became evident that the government agencies weren’t required to inform these owners about the funds in question and that UPRS was performing vital work with respect to seeing that the owners would receive what they deserved.

After the 2008 Financial Crisis, Martin and Joel opened an office in Long Island, New York and pivoted to alternative assets such as abandoned stock shares, bank accounts, and unpaid life insurance policies often left abandoned due to deregulation in the Insurance industry or the passing of loved ones. This still required much research and patience as assets were often left to heirs and required going through the probate process or establishing estates where none existed. Their proficiency in Trust and Estate law earned them the admiration of their clients and the courts.

As a benefit of focusing on owners from the East Coast and Washington, D.C. area, Martin stumbled upon an important client that would propel UPRS into the field of corporate asset recovery. He and Joel had made subsequent recoveries for an individual with multiple items tied to her various maiden names totaling in the tens of thousands. In a gesture of appreciation, she invited them to a meet her during their next visit to DC.

In an unexpected turn of events, it turned out that this client was Ann Korologos, a former Labor Secretary under President Reagan. Anne recognized Martin and Joel’s exceptional skills in asset recovery and offered to introduce them to corporations where she served on the Board of Directors. This led to relationships with multiple Fortune 500 companies such as Marriott International, Host Hotels and Resorts, and Brookfield Properties who UPRS has had the privilege of serving as the exclusive asset recovery provider resulting in millions of dollars of recoveries for their companies and subsidiaries.

This track record paved the way for numerous corporate opportunities and joint ventures, providing UPRS with the ability to expand into diverse industries and different client types. This expansion widened their knowledge base of corporate structures and intricacies, supplying it with the depth of knowledge needed to unearth deeply hidden assets. With a track record boasting recoveries exceeding $300 million, UPRS shows no signs of slowing down and is poised to rapidly grow their client base and solidify their reputation as the premier corporate asset recovery service